Yoga Service Organizations

Yoga Service Organizations & Trainings

“Karma-yoga is a supreme secret indeed…” -Bhagavad Gita

Adaptive Sports Foundation (injured veterans)
Addiction, Recovery and Yoga (85-minute documentary film)
Africa Yoga Project (East Africa)
Akasha Project (underserved populations)
Ama Yoga (homeless shelters, transitional housing)
Angel Organic (therapeutic services for poor)
Boulevard Zen Foundation (domestic violence survivors)
Breathe Network (sexual violence survivors)
Cancer for Yoga Therapy Training (cancer patients)
Cancer Survivors Teacher Training (cancer patients)
Cardiac Yoga (cardiac patients)
ChildLight Yoga (children’s yoga)
Community Yoga (underserved)
Deaf Yoga (ASL, training deaf yoga teachers)
Doing More Than Time Prison Project (prisons)
Duke Integrative Medicine (seniors)
Embody Love Movement (girls and women)
Every Kid’s Yoga (children’s yoga)
Exalted Warrior Foundation (wounded warriors)
Fundacion Parinaama – Transformation Foundation (prisons, Mexico)
Give Back Yoga Foundation (under-served/under-resourced)
Green Yoga Association (environmental)
Hala Kouri (teaching yoga to those at-risk)
Headstand (youth)
Healing Yoga Foundation (underserved)
Heart Mountain Prison Project (prisons)
Human Kindness Foundation Prison-Ashram Project (prisons)
Inbody Outreach (low-income, recovery programs, in-need)
Inner Strength Yoga (cancer patients)
Insight Prison Project (prisons)
International Association of Yoga Therapists (professional organization)
Jailhouse Yoga (correction/detention centers)
Joyful Heart Foundation (trauma survivors)
Karma Krew (underserved)
Karma Yoga Project (homeless)
Krama Yoga (Cambodia)
Kripa US (HIV/AIDS, chemical dependency)
Kula For Karma (underserved populations)
Living Yoga (prisons, rehab)
Little Flower Yoga (domestic violence survivors)
Lotus Lights Art (at-risk young women)
Mandala House (gender-based violence survivors)
Med Mob (meditation flash mobs)
Mind Body Solutions, Inc. (disabled veterans)
Off the Mat, Into the World (training, global seva, youth, voting)
Olive Tree Foundation (Israel, Palestine)
One Yoga (underprivileged)
Prison Dharma Network (prisons)
Prison Yoga Project (prisons)
Project Air (Rwanda)
Radiant Child Yoga (children’s yoga)
Reciprocity Foundation (homeless and low income)
Reconnect With Food (eating disorders)
Recovery Yoga (incarcerated women, young mothers, teens)
Red Lotus Society (high school students)
Satsanga Center for Wellness and Positive Psychology (eating disorders)
School for Compassionate Action (at-risk, in-need populations)
Shanthi Project (at-risk youth)
Shanti Generation (youth empowerment)
Siddha Yoga Prison Project (prisons)
Silver Age Yoga (seniors)
Sivananda Prison Project (prisons)
Southern Arizona Prison Project (prisons)
Sprout Yoga (eating disorders)
SRV Prison Ministry (prisons)
Street Yoga (homeless and at-risk youth)
The Art of Yoga Project (at-risk teen girls)
The Authenticity Project (women and girls)
The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute (seva, right action)
The Lineage Project (incarcerated and at-risk teens)
There and Back Again (veterans)
Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute (trauma survivors)
Trauma Sensitive Yoga (yoga for PTSD)
Veterans Yoga Project (veterans)
WakeUp Network (meditation for young adults)
Warriors at Ease (veterans)
With My Own Two Hands (Kenya, HIV/AIDS orphans, sports)
Y.O.G.A. For Youth (urban youth)
Yoga & Inner Peace (trauma survivors)
Yoga 4 Classrooms (training for educators)
Yoga Activist, Inc. (chapters, trainings, nationwide database)
Yoga Aid (charity worldwide)
Yoga Alliance (professional organization)
Yoga Bear (cancer survivors)
Yoga Behind Bars (incarcerated youth and adults)
Yoga Dana Foundation (underserved populations)
Yoga District (outreach training)
Yoga Ed. (training for educators)
Yoga Farm (permaculture, nonviolent communication, 12-step recovery)
Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery and Beyond (cancer patients)
Yoga for Cancer Survivors (patients and survivors)
Yoga for Recovery (addiction, recovery)
Yoga for Uniforms (first responders)
Yoga for Vets (veterans)
Yoga Freedom Project
Yoga G (domestic violence survivors)
Yoga Gangsters (youth)
Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (addiction, recovery)
Yoga of Recovery (addiction, recovery)
Yoga of the Heart (yoga for heart patients)
Yoga Service Council (underserved populations, annual conference at Omega Institute)
Yoga Warriors (veterans)
Yoga4Youth (children, youth, foster homes, rehab)
yogaHOPE (underserved women in recovery)
YoKid (children’s yoga, training for educators) yokid.orgYoga Stops Traffick (Human Trafficking)

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