Hi, I’m Amy! I’m running for District 5 supervisor, because people are hungry for new ideas and we need bold leadership. I’m ready to fight but I can’t do it all alone.

Will you join me?

Your vote will ensure a better future, because I will always work hard — FOR YOU.

As your supervisor, I would carefully study public issues, actively ensure state and federal funding go directly to our community, and work cooperatively with the board on long-lasting solutions. No conflicts of interest means: I will always be able to vote on every single issue that matters to you. When I am elected, I will constantly be available and always working for YOU: the voters and taxpayers.

I am a hard worker, a people’s champion, and someone who isn’t afraid of political fights. I’m committed to being an ethical service leader and to genuinely striving to make life better for all of our residents. My platform is simple: I believe we can make big things happen together, and I will fight every day to make our district a better place to live — with measurable outcomes. I have been working on public policy issues for over 20 years as a professor of American Government, legislative champion, and grassroots campaign worker. For the past six years, I have travelled relentlessly throughout Amador County, 10 adjacent counties and the state capitol, meeting with common working people and elected leaders–to fight for real change.

Whether I am delivering food to wildfire victims, backpacking alone across the world, or jumping in to teach 7th grade social studies in a pandemic…. I don’t make promises. I deliver results. Period.

We need a new champ. Vote for Amy Champ on June 7th. I will fight for YOU.

I look forward to meeting you very soon, and I hope to earn your vote. Let’s do this!

Sincerely, Dr. Amy Champ

About Me

My vision

I believe in a world where anything is possible. My personal mission is to live selflessly, devoting my life to serving those in need. I believe we can come together as a community and help each other, because every one of us has different needs. By working hard together every day and providing necessary resources to our community, we can preserve our way of life and make life better for the next generation.

How You Can Help

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What People Say About Amy Champ

“Dr. Champ is a tireless advocate for young people, and the entirety of her Amador County community. Her work has created opportunity for Amador, and the wide range of people that call this place home. From those of us who have lived here for decades, to those of us hoping to return after college, to those who are lucky enough to discover Amador for the first time, Dr. Champ’s passion, drive, and expertise will make an impact on so many lives. I could not be more proud to endorse Amy Champ and her vision for a better Amador for all.”

-Josh Lewis, Amador County, Chair of UC Student Association

“Dr. Amy Champ is a totally genuine, generous, thoughtful, committed Amador County community member. She shows up with a wise, wide-open heart (remember how she immediately organized us and supported the Caldor Fire evacuees?) no matter your political orientation. She is a mom who loves and takes great pride in her daughter and her community. I have no doubt whatsoever that giving her the opportunity to govern will enrich our health, happiness, and prosperity immensely. Amy Champ is All Heart, and Smart.”

-Michelle Roland, MD. Sutter Amador Hospital.


Campaign Platform

During this campaign, I am listening to your concerns about the district, and learning about the problems you face on a daily basis. Beyond listening, I want to create a campaign that you will be proud of. I believe we can achieve great things for this district together, and I will always work hard to maintain and support the gains you have already achieved. I understand your work isn’t easy. I am a capable and tireless partner–someone who will work hard alongside you, to always respond to your concerns, and make sure our way of life and precious agricultural and forest lands are protected for generations to come. (Click “Issues” link for more information)

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