After 16 years with the same incumbent, we are hungry for change in our beautiful and vibrant rural district. We need fire resilience, safe evacuation routes, secure homeowner’s insurance, and better communications during fire season. We must repair our roads, historic buildings, crosswalks, and sidewalks. We should allocate COVID relief to local nonprofits and businesses, and help our rural families survive these challenging times with robust services. We have a new tribal gaming compact next to Plymouth, which is sure to impact our way of life.  I will always cooperate with our local Native American Miwok Indian tribes–to make sure that our community is improving in a safe and successful way. Finally, I will consistently prioritize our winemaking industry, agricultural operations, and way of life for future generations to come.

My policy priorities are as follows:

  • Prioritize wildfire preparedness (Work with Amador Fire Safe Council, BLM, US Forest Service, etc.)
  • Harden Homes & Businesses (Support work already being done. Buy masticators, invest in biomass).
  • Homeowner’s Insurance (Provide information, assistance, events to keep our homes insured)
  • Boost Winemaking & Agriculture (Be a proactive and supportive partner of the industry)
  • Fix Roads & Install Better Signs (Bipartisan Infrastructure Law)
  • Offer Job Training Events (As a part of pandemic recovery funds and efforts)
  • Improve Broadband & Mobile Service (Emergency communications, fiber optic, expand broadband)
  • Cooperate With Local Tribes (Meet regularly, attend events, understand timelines, work together)
  • Offer COVID Funding to Local Businesses and Nonprofits (Clear guidelines, streamline process)
  • Support our Local Families (With easier access to services to improve their lives)
  • Develop Projects for Children and Teens (such as arcade, roller rink, and summer programs)
  • Prioritize Mental Health and Recruit Doctors to our Rural County